Cut Flowers

Michigan cut flowers for weddings and events

Zinnia flowers for weddings in michiganWe are offering a lot of beautiful flowers that are sure to be a huge hit. We currently have dahlias, zinnia, sunflowers, lupine and many more varieties. We grow them in a huge array of colors. We have close to 1/4 acre dedicated to growing our Michigan cut flowers. If you are interested in checking out our flowers, we’ll be offering them at Auburn Michigan farmers market on Tuesday and Thursdays throughout the growing season.

Custom Growing for Weddings

We will grow flowers for you of any kind for your weddings. If you have a request for a particular flower variety you’d like for your wedding, please contact us and we’re happy to grow your flowers for you. Please make sure you contact us soon enough so we can sort out the details and get them growing in time for your event. Most flowers require months to cultivate.

If you wanted to come look at our flowers to decide if we have a variety currently growing that will suit your needs, we can make an appointment for you to peruse our flower beds.