Michigan Gooseberries

Hinnomaki red gooseberriesDubtina Farms is proud to offer gooseberries in Michigan. We started our plants in spring of 2019 with the best stock we could find. We have over 100 plants that are now thriving on our farm. We offer the sweetest gooseberries you have ever tasted. There is a reason these beauties are a staple in so many countries, it’s because they are amazing! We only plant the sweetest varieties that are edible right off the bush when fully ripe. These berries burst in your mouth offering a flavor profile the likes of which you might have never experienced. They are great if eaten right off the plant, in gooseberry pies and of course in Michigan gooseberry jam.

Dubtina gooseberries - hinnomaki red
Our gooseberries make an exceptional jam.

We have several varieties of gooseberry plants including Hinnomaki red, Invicta and some others. We have found Hinnomaki to grow well for us and they offer some of the largest and sweetest berries. Hinnomaki reds have a tart exterior that pops in your mouth, suddenly you will get a blast of the sweetest, juiciest flavor. They are originally from Finland and are a relatively new variety as far as gooseberries cultivars go. We love these gooseberries and I’m sure you will too!

2020 should be a great year for our gooseberries and we expect them to go fast. If you would like to pre-order some of our berries we would love to help you. Also, we expect to be a several farmers markets this season.

We are happy to be a Michigan gooseberry farm growing these great tasting berries. They are typically ready for harvest in July. You can find us at the Midland Michigan farmers market on Wednsdays and Saturdays throughout the season and at Auburn Michigan farmers market on Tuesday and Thursdays. We should have gooseberries available for purchase July-August.